Friday, August 17, 2012

Pamela & Sebastian

My daughter Pamela and 4-year old grandson Sebastian came to visit! We had a wonderful time!

Sebastian and Bill
Bill and Sebastian had fun playing games on my new smartphone.

I made sure I had lots of puzzles and toys for Sebastian - including a new bike. It was just his size and he had fun riding it to the playground.

Sebastian loves to have his picture taken - especially when I tell him I'm going to send it to daddy so he can see what's he's doing.

What trip to Colorado would not be complete without a visit to Garden of the Gods!

Then we headed for the airport where we had a surprise for Pamela - flying lessons!

Ready for takeoff!

After Pamela landed, it was Bill's turn for a lesson - while Pamela took pictures of the mountains, the Broadmoor Hotel, Garden of the Gods, the Waldo Canyon burn scar and the "Roy Rogers Memorial."

Garden of the Gods

 Our beautiful mountains have taken a beating this year.

Broadmoor Hotel

The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

Bill took this shot of his daughter's neighborhood.

Another day we went to Helen Hunt Falls where Pamela and Sebastian climbed much higher than Bill and I climbed. We had a super visit!

Back at home, the hummingbirds are back! These are Broad-tailed Hummingbirds heading south from their nesting sites to Central and South America.

Male Broad-tailed Hummingbird
 This morning we had a noisy visitor - a Scrub Jay.

Now I know where my flowers are going!!

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