Friday, April 4, 2014

Florida's Endangered Sherman Fox Squirrel

Whatever you call them, fox squirrels, monkey squirrels, raccoon-face squirrels or Sherman Fox Squirrels, they are a species of "special concern" here in Florida - but NOT in our backyard! Today we had FIVE visiting the feeders at the same time!

They seem to have two color variations - grey and red.

These squirrels are much larger than their common grey cousins. This is one of the red ones.

And this one is much lighter - grey and buff.

Their tails are as long as their bodies.

This is our short-tailed Fox Squirrel. We assume he lost his tail in an accident. We first saw him last year. This year his tail has actually grown the white tuft of fur at the end.

Bill took this shot to show his l-o-n-g tail. We certainly enjoy our daily visitors.

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