Friday, October 31, 2008

Flowers in October

I love it here in Florida. The bushes and plants are beautiful. I don't know if they stay like this all year around or not. Guess I'll find out!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peggy and Shadrack

This is Peggy and her "mom." I know, not exactly a vicious animal but this cute poodle was a good way to start my adventure. I have some experience with small dogs. When I first met Bill 4 1/2 years ago, he had an older dog, Satchel. She was part Yorkie and maybe some poodle with a little Scottie thrown in for looks. He said it was his chick magnet because she was small and very friendly. He had no idea that I almost did not see him again because of her. Well, I liked Bill so I put up with Satchel. She was the first dog I let get close to me. After awhile, I actually became quite fond of her and was heartbroken when she died. That's when I knew I could overcome this fear.

Continuing on my walk, I met Shadrack. This was much more of a challenge. Shadrack was straining on his leash and had to be held back. I was nervous. His owner asked me about my blog when I asked permission to post the picture and was very encouraging - while continuing to hold Shadrack back. I'm pleased with my start.


My plan was to begin taking pictures of dogs today - to go for walks in the community and take pictures of the dogs instead of crossing the street to avoid them. Last night I had nightmares about vicious dogs attacking me. Bill had to wake me up.

Bill is off this morning to the R/Sea Hawks Park on Cape Coral where they fly remote control airplanes. He is an RC enthusiast and back in Colorado Springs flies every nice day with a great group of guys from the neighborhood. On days when it is too windy to fly - they meet for coffee at the local Einsteins. I know he misses that here in Florida so I'm happy he has found a new spot even though it is half an hour away. Bill is very, very social and has never met a stranger. He also needs "boy time" and this 24/7 time with just me is getting on his nerves. I must admit, I'm enjoying the time to myself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It has a name. Cynophobia is the fear of dogs. According to the phobia can develop after a bad experience with an animal or simply through lack of exposure to them. As a child, I never had a dog. We were cat people. Then when my second child, Laura, was around three years old, she was badly bitten in the face and neck by a Japanese Akita. She was in the operating room for three hours and received hundreds of stitches in her scalp, neck and several places on her face. We were lucky there was not nerve damage. During her teen years she had several cosmetic surgeries to mask the scares. Today she is beautiful - inside and out. And today she has two dogs, and no fears. Amazing.

Manatee Sighting

Manatees. I like manatees. Yesterday, Bill and I went down to Lover's Key. We stopped at a viewing spot and read that manatees were in the area. I told Bill how very much I wanted to see a manatee and he said look down. Just over the railing were 5 manatees! We watched them for several minutes before they swam away. What fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a beautiful day here in Parker Lakes - a cool sixty-something degrees with plenty of sun and hardly any humidity - quite a change from last weekend. I'd better enjoy it while it lasts. My day started with my usual early morning trip to the gym with hubby Bill. I actually enjoy exercising these days - even though it is no longer an optional activity.

Well my plan is to get out there and meet people - and their dogs and take pictures. Frankly, I'm nervous. Will I be able to get that close to all those animals? Will people think I'm crazy or worst yet, a stalker with criminal intent? If this blog disappears tomorrow - you'll know the answer.

Birds. I like birds. The heron pictured here was shopping for dinner by the lake behind our condo. He is my test picture as I learn to up-load images to this blog. I'm not a photographer, but maybe I'll learn as I go along. And by the way, I'm the world's worst speller so bear with me.

I think I'll start my dogs with Dozer, the Bull dog (get it - BULL DOZER). He lives in the condo next door with his owner, Lindsey. Every time we leave the house Dozer leaps at his door and I'm sure he is going to come through it. When I see them out walking, he growls and barks. Bill assures me that he is just a puppy and quite harmless. Easy for him to say!!

Dozer's owner is another story. Lindsay is a beautiful young lady. When I first met her, I wanted to overnight my single 30-year-old son, John down from New York City to meet her. Then she introduced me to her boyfriend, the handsome, muscular fireman, Brad. Oh well.