Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peggy and Shadrack

This is Peggy and her "mom." I know, not exactly a vicious animal but this cute poodle was a good way to start my adventure. I have some experience with small dogs. When I first met Bill 4 1/2 years ago, he had an older dog, Satchel. She was part Yorkie and maybe some poodle with a little Scottie thrown in for looks. He said it was his chick magnet because she was small and very friendly. He had no idea that I almost did not see him again because of her. Well, I liked Bill so I put up with Satchel. She was the first dog I let get close to me. After awhile, I actually became quite fond of her and was heartbroken when she died. That's when I knew I could overcome this fear.

Continuing on my walk, I met Shadrack. This was much more of a challenge. Shadrack was straining on his leash and had to be held back. I was nervous. His owner asked me about my blog when I asked permission to post the picture and was very encouraging - while continuing to hold Shadrack back. I'm pleased with my start.

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