Thursday, October 30, 2008


My plan was to begin taking pictures of dogs today - to go for walks in the community and take pictures of the dogs instead of crossing the street to avoid them. Last night I had nightmares about vicious dogs attacking me. Bill had to wake me up.

Bill is off this morning to the R/Sea Hawks Park on Cape Coral where they fly remote control airplanes. He is an RC enthusiast and back in Colorado Springs flies every nice day with a great group of guys from the neighborhood. On days when it is too windy to fly - they meet for coffee at the local Einsteins. I know he misses that here in Florida so I'm happy he has found a new spot even though it is half an hour away. Bill is very, very social and has never met a stranger. He also needs "boy time" and this 24/7 time with just me is getting on his nerves. I must admit, I'm enjoying the time to myself.

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