Monday, August 8, 2016

Mountain Majesties Bargello-Style Quilt

My newest quilt!

Here are the directions:
Mountain Majesties Bargello Inspired Quilt
Abigail (Gail) Baker  

The finished size is 75 X 88 inches but it can be made any size by adding or subtracting fabric.

Strips are 3½ inches wide and the offset is 1½ inches. All seams are ¼ inch. Press the Bargello rows towards the top and towards the bottom of quilt.

Hoffman California Fabric:
2 1/8 yards 
P4289-145-SPRING (Mountain Majesties)

 ¼ yard each: (but I never buy less than a ½ yard – just in case I have a fabric emergency!)
885-360-WAKIKI (cobalt blue)
2925-481-KEY-LIME (yellow)
885-98-MOSS (medium green)
2932-178-LEAF (lime green)
885-587-FEBRUARY (medium grey)
2925-521-MIST (light grey)
885-492-BREEZE (blue-grey)

1 ¾ yards:
2942-360-WAIKIKI (cobalt blue batik dots) for pieced outside border. If you do not want to piece the outside border, you will need about 3 yards.

1 yard each:
1895-451-CORNFLOWER (light blue)
2925-403-CHERRY (red)

4 yards backing and ¾ yard binding


Remove salvage and cut 21 (3½ by 43) inch strips from SPRING (Mountain Majesties). Make sure they are all the same length.  Keep strips in order by numbering 1-21.

Cut 2 (3½) inch wide by WOF strips from CHERRY, KEY-LIME, MOSS, LEAF, 2942-WAIKIKI, MIST, and BREEZE

Cut 6 (3½) inch wide by WOF strips and 2 (6½) inch by WOF strips from CORNFLOWER. Set 2 aside for 1st top border.

Cut 4 (3½) inch wide by WOF strips from 2942-WAIKIKI. Set 2 aside for 1st bottom border.

Cut 2 (2) inch wide by WOF strips from 885-WAKIKI and FEBRUARY

Cut 8 (2½) inch wide by WOF strips from CHERRY and set aside for 2nd border.

Sew Strip Sets:

Strip Set A: Sew strips in order: BREEZE, 2-inch FEBRUARY, MIST and 6½-inch CORNFLOWER. (Make 2 strip sets A) 

Strip Set B: Sew strips in order: CHERRY, 3½-inch CORNFLOWER, 2-inch WAKIKI, KEY-LIME, MOSS, LEAF, 2942-WAIKIKI, and 3½-inch CORNFLOWER. (Make 2 strip sets B)

Sub cut strip sets:
Cut 21 (3½) inch strips from strip sets A.

Cut 21 (3½) inch strips from strip sets B.

 You will have a total of 21 Bargello strips A and 21 Bargello strips B.


To each Mountain Majesties strip, sew one Bargello strip A to the top and one Bargello strip B to the bottom making sure that CORNFLOWER is on the outside top and outside bottom. Keep the strips in order 1 to 21. I find my design wall is the perfect place to stage the strips and keep them in order. 

Arrange the strips:

Sew Strips Together:

The strips are long and it is important to sew them together evenly. Begin by pinning the two intersecting seams by the 2-inch February block and the 2-inch Wakiki block.   

Pin frequently being careful not to stretch the material. Sew together in three groups of five and one group of six. There will be uneven edges at the top and bottom of every seam. They will be trimmed later.

Sew the first group to the second group and the third to the fourth. Sew both halves together.

Trim the extra fabric from the top and the bottom.

First Border:
Measure the quilt top side to side. It should measure about 60½ inches. Prepare and sew 3½ border of CORNFLOWER to top and 3½ inch border of 2942-WAIKIKI to bottom.

Second Border:
Using the same measurement from the first border, prepare and sew 2 inch border of CHERRY to top and bottom. Carefully measure quilt top from top to bottom. Prepare and sew 2½ inch border of CHERRY to each side.

Outside Border:
Cut 4 ½ inch wide strips from WAIKIKI. Measure quilt from side to side. Prepare border and sew to top and bottom of quilt. Measure quilt from top to bottom. Prepare border and sew to sides.

Sandwich and quilt as desired; bind and secure label.

Let me know how it goes!

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