Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not So Sunny and Warm Florida

I've been in Florida for 5 days and haven't taken a picture yet. The weather has been lousy - cold, windy and rainy. The rainfall in Fort Myers was 16 inches below normal when we arrived - and I think we've made up the deficit in the last couple of days! I actually had to wear long pants yesterday and today I have on a sweatshirt - but that doesn't mean I have not been having a great time!

My sister, Beth and her hubby, Warren are in town and we have gotten together every day for lively conversation, camaraderie and Bill's fabulous food. Last night, for a change in scenery, Beth took us to Doc Ford's Rum Bar and Grill located under the bridge that leads to Ft. Myers Beach. The restaurant is named for "Doc" Ford - the hero and main character in several of Beth's favorite novels about Southwest Florida written by Randy Wayne White. The restaurant is one of two that White opened in the area. The food was excellent. I am usually disappointed when we go out to dinner because I am so spoiled by Bill's great cooking - but this place was definitely the exception.

Bill is out flying this morning - so I am playing catch-up. I have some pictures I wanted to share from our last days in Colorado - and the last time I saw the sun.

This female Wigeon was hunting for seeds and insects in a park in Pueblo that Bill's daughter, Laura and husband, Tim took us to on the Sunday before we headed south. I like this picture and the way she blends in with the background - but Bill says it's too busy. He likes the ducks on the water.

There were Wigeons everywhere! These are the more colorful males.

On the way home, we stopped at Prospect Lake in Colorado Springs.

The lake is home to a variety of ducks, swans and geese. Most are fairly tame as families come every day with leftover bread to feed them. As soon as the birds spot someone that appears to want to feed them - entire flocks emerge from the water and surround the source of the food. To me, it's kinda sad to see these beautiful wild birds reduced to beggars.

I'm still in awe with the beauty of the Wood Ducks. Even the female has great coloring.

But the males are magnificent!

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