Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Other Side of Harns Marsh

After we left the part of Harns Marsh where we usually visit, we headed round the bend to the backside of the marsh where we were told the Snail Kites were.

And there were lots of Snail Kites!

They were pretty far out so these pictures have been cropped a lot. Most were too foggy to publish. I should have brought my tripod - but it's back in Ocala.

As I watched the Snail Kites, Bill decided to drive the car to the other end of the road and pick me up there. My back was hurting and he was being his usual sweet self.

I never tire of seeing these birds.

I also saw more Limpkin. This one was fairly close.

And her partner was nearby.

Then I saw them! Mom was leading her chicks back to the nest.

They were so cute! I took lots and lots of pictures as I slowly walked along the canal. Gee, I wonder where Bill got to - I don't see him up ahead.

The day was getting warmer and I was walking slower and slower - bad back. I still didn't see Bill.

The flowers and butterflies were wonderful to watch. But where the heck is Bill??!!

When I turned the bend, there he was, stuck in the sand! As I was taking my time - taking pictures and enjoying the birds and flowers, he was trying desperately to get the car out of the sugar sand. It was pretty hot and his face was bright red. I made him stop, drink a bottle of water and we called AAA.

Within the hour this huge rig showed up. They told us that they pull people out of this road all the time - mostly Realtors who say their GPS takes them this way, and birders. They also said AAA would not pay because we were more than 10 feet off asphalt. AND - they had to send for another truck! Bubba's 4-wheel drive pick-up managed to get us out of the sand trap. This was an expensive birding trip - but I got some cool pictures!

The next day, Bill was pretty sore - but he's on the mend now - off to the Cape Coral RC Flying Field this morning. This afternoon, my sister Beth arrives for a week. Hopefully our birding adventures will not include a tow truck!

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Bob Pelkey said...

Great reports from Harns Marsh, Gail. Sorry about Bill's bad luck in the sugar sand.