Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rare Visitors to Ocala

Today as Bill and I were heading to Sam's, I saw what I thought was a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher out of the corner of my eye. Bill, being the great sport he is, turned around so we could get a better look. Sure enough, there he was! After a short shopping trip, we headed home for my camera and back we went for pictures.

Oddly, my sister Beth reported seeing one earlier at her winter home on Kure Beach in NC. Check her blog - maybe it's the same lost bird!! (

Not a great shot - but shows markings in flight.

With the rare Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was this equally unusual Kingbird. It looks like a Western Kingbird to me - but there are a couple of others that it might be. I see them all the time in Colorado, so it didn't register at first when I saw it here in Florida.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Finally, a new blog entry!

This is my beautiful new daughter Megan and adorable new grandsons Andrew and Riley. My son did good...

...and he knows it.

The wedding was wonderful and it was obvious they thought through every detail.

The setting was awesome and...

...the guests were even better. My sister, Beth and I posed with 5 of our 6 children. This is the first time the cousins were together in many years.

Meanwhile, the week leading up to the nuptials was spent at the beach. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving. John and Megan were busy washing dishes while Orlando, Pamela & I admired Zachary's fancy head ware

We decided grandson Zachary was the baby whisperer.

At the rehearsal, the Ruiz family rested long enough for Bill to get this great picture of daughter Pamela, her husband Orlando and 3 of my grandsons - Sebastian, Leandro and Gabriel.

Daughter Laura and wife Cheryl preparing the turkey.

Another shot of the girls.

Meanwhile back in Ocala, our new lanai is finally completed.

We love it.

My sewing area is my favorite part.

It's great having everything in one area. Before I had my cutting table and design wall in the guest room,  my sewing machine in the master and my ironing board in the garage.

I have plenty of room to host card games and Mah Jongg. Bill has his grill under the birdcage - so no more bugs!

Speaking of bugs, I can't get over how BIG the spiders are down here!

With the new windows, I can take better pictures from inside.

I've been using my new area. This is "Who Let the Dogs Out?"