Monday, October 21, 2013

Shalom Park Revisited

Yesterday when Bill and I went to Shalom Park to walk, I didn't take my camera and the birds were everywhere. They posed for pictures in the perfect setting with the perfect light. Today, I took my camera hoping for a repeat - but, of course, you know the result. No birds. Nada. I was bummed so we went out for breakfast. The Pub here on campus has an amazing bowl of gluten free oatmeal for just $3.00! After getting our flu shots at the local WalGreens, we decided to try the park again.

Right away, Bill spotted this beautiful Brown Thrasher on the ground right in front of us. I didn't see him because I was busy looking up in the trees. Thank goodness he stayed around while I got the camera ready.

He really blends in with the landscape.

The spider webs were amazing. This spider was HUGE.

This was one of the shots I missed yesterday - except yesterday, the Cardinal was much closer and, I'm sure, redder.

Yesterday two Carolina Wrens played on a tree branch right in front of me. It was the shot of the day - like the fish that got away. Today, I had to settle for one in the bush.

I think this cute Eastern Phoebe felt sorry for me and let me get his picture. As you can see, we finally saw a few birds - but not like yesterday.

Back at the compound, one of the retention ponds on the golf course has attracted several Lesser Yellowlegs and an occasional egret. I also saw my first Meadowlark of the season, but he eluded the camera.

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MarchAnn said...

Great pictures as always, don't you just love Shalom Park. Your spider picture is just like the lone I had outside the guest room window. Big suckers.