Monday, October 28, 2013


This is the "before" shot of our lanai.

Last week, Tina and her granddaughter came over and took down the vertical blinds, removed all the windows, window frames, door, ceiling fan and heating/air conditioning unit.

 She hauled them away and will use the materials to build a lanai on her house. Wow is she a hard worker!

We were left with a partially screened in porch.

Later in the week the crew arrived to complete the demolition.

This guy has really interesting hair. It looks like the wind is blowing it - doesn't it? Well, there isn't even a gentle breeze. That's the way it's styled and it doesn't move. He looks like a cross between Ty Pennington and Fabio. I'll try to get a better shot.

Demolition is almost complete. The next day they poured the new cement slab.

The old tile was removed over the weekend (what a job!!!! - I was completely exhausted watching them!) and today they started construction.

The first of the new walls!

Meanwhile, Bill is smoking a pork roast.

It's been noisy around here today - but the smells have been marvelous!! I can't wait until dinner.

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MarchAnn said...

gee it is looking great and I bet the smells were driving the workmen nuts.