Monday, October 14, 2013

Ocala Sunset

This was the view last night from our lanai as we sat and ate dinner. 

The colors never last very long but they are beautiful while they are here.

We really enjoy our lanai or Florida room but soon we will enjoy it even more. 

The plan is to remove the existing structure and build a new, larger, more permanent room. The two windows in this picture are the kitchen on the left and the guest bath on the right. Both will be under the new roof - the kitchen opened up and the bath closed off (it's in the tub area - so it won't matter).  The bush will be moved to the front yard.

This is the current view from the other side. This patio will be screened in with a "birdcage." The lanai roof will be raised 12-inches so we have more head room inside to accommodate new ceiling fans. The window air/heat unit will be replaced with a mini-split heat pump so we will have a thermostat instead of an on/off switch. The current structure will be recycled. The roof is heading out to horse country for new stalls and all the windows and the door will be part of a new room in another part of town.

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