Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hives, Lotsa Hives

Poor Bill. Since returning to Colorado, he has developed an allergic reaction, in the form of hives, to some unknown substance. Last weekend we made a late night run to the local emergency room where they put him on a steroid & Benadryl cocktail. It worked, but once his treatment was over, the hives returned. He is now on a new regime of steroids and allergy pills. He is temporarily banned from yard work and we have to have the carpets and furniture cleaned. I have been washing and scrubbing everything.

The medicine makes him grumpy, tired and generally out of sorts so I decided asking him if I could take a picture of his bumps for my blog was not a wise idea. You'll just have to imagine.

Meanwhile, my newest quilt is coming along - and I LOVE my new design wall.

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Ministry Mom said...

So sorry for Bill. I love your new quilt. You have a wonderful sense of design. Everyone laughs when I tell them that Vern had to layout the design wall for my one block wonder quilt! Enjoy creating. Be kind to Bill. :-)