Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Last Day in Fort Myers

Today was our last full day at Parker Lakes in Fort Myers this season before we head back to the cold and snow in Colorado. Most of my day was spent cleaning and packing. Bill spent his last morning at the flying field - for one last flight and one last visit with his new friends until we return in October.

This afternoon we went to the pool where our group of friends held a "no rules" day. It seems we have a self-appointed pool monitor who has aggravated some people so today was their day to make a statement by breaking all the rules. They brought a beach ball, pool rafts, cans of soda and margaritas to the pool. When the pool monitor arrived, three people jumped into the pool. Everyone splashed, bounced the ball, hooted and hollered and basically had a great time. We acted like naughty children. Our pool monitor was not amused but maybe he will treat people with a little more kindness in the future. We all appreciate his efforts to make the pool a safer place for all the residents to enjoy - we just don't like all his methods, especially when dealing with people that he believes do not belong.

This evening, Bill and I went over to Cape Coral for a delicious fish dinner. On the way we saw this family of Burrowing Owls.

Look at these five adorable chicks! They were curious about our presence. Momma owl sat close by either trying to ignore us or giving us the evil eye - all the while keeping her chicks close by.

Tomorrow at o'dark thirty, Bill and I will head north. We are stopping in to visit my sister in Kure Beach, North Carolina for a few days hoping the snow in Colorado will melt and the sun will warm the ground so the May flowers will bloom in our yard and we can begin to plant our garden. The last few months have been a wonderful adventure but it's time to go home.

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