Wednesday, March 11, 2009

River Otters

Yesterday we had 5 River Otters playing in the lake behind the house. They seem to have so much fun - swimming, splashing, exploring and tumbling with each other in the water. They must be retired!

I sat on the bank for quite some time taking pictures. They were very curious about my presence and tried to scare me away with a series of whistles and growls.

A couple of them came very close to where I was sitting. I could smell them before I saw them!

Since it has been so dry here, the irrigation pipes are exposed in the lakes - and that 's where the otters were playing. I would have liked a more scenic background - but I got what I got.

King of the hill! This is the fountain platform out in the lake. Because of the low water level, the fountains are turned off. Sad for us but good for the otters.

One by one the otters came out of the water to mark their territory - always keeping a sharp eye out for me. They have very strong (stinky!) scent glands.

You can see here how low the lake is. We need rain!

Maybe I'll have to talk to the Home-owners Association about painting the pipes so they blend in more.

This guy just caught a fish and ate it.

Every time they came out of the pipe they would peek over to see if I was still sitting there.

Look how long their tails are! I guess it helps them guide through the water.

I'll look for them again today!

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