Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Palmer Park

Bill and I had the best hike in Palmer Park! We hiked the north side starting at the stables, up and around and back down. The temperature was in the 60's and it was perfect! But why didn't we pack a picnic lunch to eat along the way? Boy was I hungry by the time we got home. Bill's homemade gumbo tasted dee-licious!

We stopped to check in on this Northern Flicker. We have flickers that stop at the bird feeder in our backyard everyday. Yesterday, I saw four flickers together and assume three were fledglings. I wonder if this female has babies in her nest.

All during our walk we hear more birds than we see. The Towhees - which are abundant in the park - were singing back and forth.

Look at this beautiful - all natural - rock garden beside the trail. I love the high desert terrain.

I call this a cute little bunny but Bill calls it hawk bait.

Three White-breasted Nuthatches were searching this old log for insects. This one stopped long enough for me to get this picture - my favorite of the day. We also saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch, but he was too quick for me to get my camera focused.

Mr. Lizard was resting on a rock.

He must be a distant cousin to the alligators we saw in Florida. Look at that scowl!

It's difficult to tell in this picture, but this little Hummingbird was bright green.

I was pleased to see that the Black-headed Grosbeaks are still in the area. I just wish they were still in my yard!

Look at these beautiful wildflowers. I just can't get over how vivid the colors are this year.

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