Friday, June 19, 2009


I love sitting in the backyard. I enjoy listening to the sounds of water flowing from one pond to another; I love hearing the birds and the crickets. Fortunately, the sounds of civilization around us are muffled by shrubs and fencing so I can enjoy these things with only occasional interference.

We see Towhees in the yard almost every day now. I throw sunflower seeds and dried cherries under the bushes for them to find - but sometimes the squirrels get them first.

The fledglings are starting to appear. This is a common Sparrow that is just learning to fly. We also have baby squirrels and it's fun to watch them as they climb down the fence, into the yard to look for seeds in the gardens. The Western Flicker babies have left their nest, as have the first batch of noisy Starlings. Yesterday I saw a Brown-headed Cowbird baby with a much smaller mother feeding it. Cowbirds lay their eggs in other bird's nests so the babies are raised by other types of birds - sometimes to the exclusion of their own young.

Bill's Pond Lily has just started to bloom. The flowers are so beautiful they almost don't look real. Last night the raccoons went fishing in the ponds - but all the fish were accounted for this morning - and the lily was intact.

Our other garden flowers are in full bloom. I tried to get a picture of a butterfly sitting on these, but it flew away before I could get the camera ready.

These yellow flowers come back each year from seed. They even move from garden to garden.

Our built-in sprinkler system keeps the lawn and gardens watered. This Towhee decided the water was perfect for a quick shower.

As I was sitting on the patio, this female House Finch landed on the table and posed for a nice close-up.

We had a great visit with our friends, Tom and Cathy. After a nice day in Cripple Creek, Cathy and I went for a short hike in Palmer Park and I think she really enjoyed climbing on the bluffs. I wish they could have stayed longer so we could have hiked more.

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