Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Chickadees

The baby Mountain Chickadees in our birdhouse are growing up and, like most teenagers, are more demanding.

This little guy is hungry and is demanding food RIGHT NOW.

Momma (or is it pops?) returns with a juicy meal worm. We don't know how many babies there are - or whether any have left the nest yet - but we enjoy watching them stick their little heads out waiting for their parents to return with lunch. The parents are good providers and take turns bringing back insects, seeds and bird butter.

We don't have many Hummingbirds in the yard right now - but we spotted several while hiking in Palmer Park the other day.

The Spotted Towhees were singing every where in the park.

Bill spotted this marmot out on a ledge. He looks like a big squirrel.

The yuccas are in full bloom all over the park. Even at their prettiest, I don't think they really are. It was nice to get out and hike in the cool of the morning. We broke heat records for a couple of days with temps in the mid-90's but today is rainy and cold.

We were hoping to have a garage sale this week-end and try to get rid of some of our clutter - but the weather has not cooperated so we closed up shop until next week-end when it is supposed to be nicer. Please let me know if you need any dust catchers as we have plenty of extras.

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