Monday, June 7, 2010

Royal Gorge Railroad

Colorado has some great train rides - and there is no better way to see the beautiful scenery our state has to offer than to take a leisurely ride through the countryside. Six years ago, on one of our very first dates, Bill and I road the dinner train through the Royal Gorge. The ride was memorable for the fabulous food, awesome views and, of course, the wonderful company.

Last week, Bill and I again road the train through the gorge. The scenery was just as awesome with the Arkansas River running high and wild from the melting snow.

And the company was again memorable. This is Bill with his eldest daughter, Laura and her hubby, Tim. We always enjoy our time with them.

Since we were on the afternoon trip through the gorge and back, we did not have a meal, although Tim and Laura enjoyed what looked like delicious Bloody Marys.

After dinner at the White Water Bar and Grill, we went up on Skyline Drive to see the dinosaur tracks. This is a Ankylosaurid footprint.

All of the outcrops are dinosaur footprints and there were ancient fossils everywhere.

Click on this image and you can read about them.

The view from the top of the narrow one-way road was spectacular. Nice way to end a great day!

Yesterday, Bill and I took a ride out east of town. The terrain is mostly open prairie - horse and cattle ranches. This Horned Lark was sitting along the side of the road. We saw several more on our travels, but this one was the only one showing how he got his name.

This picture is for you, Nancy.

Momma Kingbird was tending her eggs...

... while papa waited patiently nearby.

Quite a collection! Our friends tell us this farmer not only collects antique windmills, he rebuilds and restores them.

Bill spotted a large herd of Antelope in an open field. When I got out of the car to get their picture, most of them dispersed - but these three youngsters wanted to have their picture taken and posed nicely for the camera.

We still have lots of birds at the backyard feeders. The Lesser Goldfinches have finally arrived and they entertain us while jockeying for position on the thistle feeder. The males do not like to share! The Mountain Chickadees are still busy bringing food back to the birdhouse. We expect the babies to fledge any day now. It's early enough in the season that mom and dad might raise a second family before cold weather sets in.

Last week, Bill and I drove to Kansas City to meet up with daughter, Pamela. She was there for a conference and I just couldn't miss the opportunity to spend some time with her. This view of the Kansas City skyline was taken from the World War I National Museum.

Pamela took us to a fabulous restaurant (Fiorells's Jack Stack Barbeque) for ribs, fries, cole slaw and some of the best baked beans I've ever had (thanks Pam!). It was a long drive (10 hours each way - through Kansas) but worth every minute. Two nights in a cheap motel: $175; gas, $60; spending time with Pamela, PRICELESS!

In other news, we've started dance classes. Every Friday morning, we head to the Senior Center for line dancing lessons with 60 or 70 other energetic oldsters. What a hoot! I don't have a clue what I'm doing - but it's fun (and great exercise) anyway. We may add another class on Thursday nights.

While I was sitting here working on this blog entry and Bill was in his workshop working on his airplanes, we had a nice surprise - a visit from oldest grandson, Kyle. Since he is in college now, we don't get to see him often - so we were thrilled that he stopped and had lunch with us - catching us up on what he's been doing. Kyle - you are welcome anytime!

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