Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Great Bike Ride

Yesterday, we rode our bikes to Lakes Park and all around and I'm still new enough to bike riding that I didn't want to take my camera even though I have a basket. We rode about 10 or 11 miles total and I wasn't anywhere near as sore and tired as I was on our ride to the beach. I'm still nervous riding on the roads - although we have great bike trails almost everywhere.

On the way home I stopped and got my hair cut. Boy is it short! I can comb it with a wash cloth.

We also stopped at the Biggar Farms outdoor vegetable and fruit market and got ripe red tomatoes and a couple of green tomatoes for supper. Bill went out into the field and picked the tomatoes himself. Last night he made chicken, corn (also from the outdoor market) and fried green tomatoes. YUM! I want to stop today and get strawberries - lots of sweet, juicy, red strawberries!

Laura, Cheryl and Zachary arrive today just before noon. Tomorrow we are going to Orlando and Walt Disney World. I'm excited to see them - but they must have sent the cold weather on ahead. I can't believe that when my children come to visit we have some of the coldest weather on record. It happened when Pamela and family arrived and now it's happening again! Oh well - it will still be much warmer than where they are coming from. Good thing I learned to layer in Colorado.

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