Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Orange Variant

House Finches are by far the most common visitors to our feeders. Most of the males have vivid red markings on their head, neck and chest this time of the year - during the breeding season. This one, however, is an orange variant - a much rarer variety. I've read that there is also a yellow variety - but I've never seen one. Some experts think the different colors are from a poor diet - but I have to disagree as we provide only the best!

When the Chickadees feed - we always see two. I assume they are a mating pair, but I can't tell as both look alike.

Yesterday's temperature broke records; it reached almost 90 degrees. By late afternoon, the clouds started rolling in and the wind picked up. We were sure rain was in the future but it is so dry - most of the moisture never reached the ground.
Just about the time I took this picture of the storm coming over Pikes Peak, a tornado briefly touched down in Mesa County - west of the mountains.

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