Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The cold ugly weather finally broke (along with my cold) and we have had several beautiful warm, sunny days in a row. We even went to the pool yesterday afternoon to freshen our tans. Bill is out with the boys today and I'm getting caught up with some of my pictures.

This cute little fellow was walking on the boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp before jumping down to fish in the water.

Mr. Lizard was enjoying the sun as much as we were.

Just before I took this picture, this black snake had eaten a bird. Guess he was digesting. We've seen this snake before at the same location between the boardwalk and the main lake at Six Mile Cypress Slough.

I know just how she feels! This is a female Florida Soft-shelled Turtle. We know it is a girl because she is so big - 15 - 20 inches across. The males are much smaller - 6 inches across maximum. She can sit on the bottom of a pond and extend her neck almost 2 feet to reach air. I've never seen one before and I was glad there was a naturalist on the boardwalk at Six Mile Cypress Slough to help.

I have lots of new bird pictures to share but I wanted to see if I could actually complete one blog entry without any birds. Here it is - now I'll work on another entry.

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