Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All About Gabriel

I've spent the last 10 days in Maryland with my daughter Pamela and her family. Her oldest son, Gabriel, and I spent his last full week before beginning kindergarten together and we had a great time. Once we got Mommy, Daddy and little brother, Sebastian off to work and day care, we had the day to ourselves to play.

Gabriel is an excellent baseball player! He is so good, I was nervous pitching to him for fear he would hit me with the ball. My fear was realized when he hit a solid line drive to my left knee. Ouch.

I brought lots of projects with me. Gabriel is a very busy boy so I wanted to keep him occupied. This day our project was painting sun catchers as presents for the rest of the family.

Gabriel also loves TV - but we try to limit how much he watches. It went on for 15 minutes at a time when I needed a rest.

Everyone likes to eat so we made goodies for the family. In this picture, Gabriel is making yummy chocolate chip cookies. We also made apple cake and later in the visit, his baby brother helped me make brownies.

After the line drive to my knee, I decided it was safer to take him to the batting cages where he quickly went through $10 in tokens practicing his batting. Gabriel is so good - the family in the next cage came over and asked how old he was. They couldn't get over how many balls he hit over the fence and out of the park. I also invested in a bag of Whiffle balls - deciding they might be safer for the back yard than regulation base balls.

On Sunday, the whole family headed to the local pool. Gabriel is learning to swim and was anxious to show me what he had learned in summer camp.

He's a cutie - don't you think?

Two more cuties - Daddy and Sebastian. Sebastian had just fallen on the cement and had two new band aids - one on each knee.

On Monday, Gabriel started kindergarten. His new school is about a mile from home so he will be taking the school bus - but on this, his first day, he was accompanied by his mom and both grandmothers. We all had cameras - much to Gabriel's embarrassment. Gabriel made a deal with his mom that in the future, all hugs would be taken care of BEFORE they get to school! Kisses are completely out of the question!

Sebastian just turned two in June. He's a much quieter child and enjoys playing with the many toys in the house. When I first arrived, he wouldn't even look at me and hid his face. He warmed up after about an hour. Sebastian is a lover and likes to sit and cuddle. I couldn't get enough!

I had a great visit. During the week, I also had the opportunity to visit with grandsons Dylan and Zachary and see oldest son, Rick, his wife Lisa, oldest daughter Laura, and her partner Cheryl. I'm back in Colorado now but I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

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Elizabeth said...

Fantastic!! Loved the pictures and betcha Uncle Ricky wants to help Gabriel with his baseball!