Monday, November 1, 2010

Florida Fox Squirrel

We have some interesting squirrels here in Florida. Along with the common Eastern Gray Squirrels, we have endangered Fox Squirrels. There are a couple of varieties of Fox Squirrel and I spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out if this one that was in our backyard was a Sherman's or a Big Cypress Fox Squirrel - but read that the only way to tell the difference is genetic testing.

They are about twice the size of Gray Squirrels - and look at the length of his tail! This shot isn't too bad considering I took it through the screens.

Bill went outside with the camera to try and get a better picture, but our little friend is shy and scampered off into the woods. We spread sunflower seeds on the ground hoping he'll return.

This picture was left-over from the zoo pictures I posted the other day. It's a Red-legged Seriema. I haven't taken many new pics as I have a cold - and don't want to share my germs. I need to get over it before Wednesday because Bill's oldest daughter Laura, hubby Tim, and their four teenagers are coming to visit.

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