Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back in Colorado

Bill and I arrived safely back to our summer home in the dry skin, broken nail, lifeless hair, nose bleed state of Colorado. Our first day home it snowed.

Our yard was a complete disaster. Those of you that know us know that our back yard is usually our pride and joy with soothing water features, beautiful gardens and a comfortable patio. It'll take a lot of work to get there this year!

The fish did not make it through the harsh (and very dry) Colorado winter. The bubbler that delivers life-saving oxygen and keeps the water from freezing stopped working, delivering a death sentence to my Goldfish.

Two days after arriving back, I had a dozen women over to play Bunko so I had to focus my attention on moving around the dust inside the house. Hopefully, no one looked too closely. We had a great time, as always, but I never could have gotten ready without the help of my good friend, Nancy. She made the dessert (yummy heath bar cake) and came over early to help set up the tables. She is a great hostess and even served the cake and coffee while I caught up on all the latest gossip.

We had a fabulous cross-country trip and I have lots of pictures to share in a future blog. I'm so far behind I still need to finish-up with our last couple of weeks in Ocala!

Our Spring Break visit with grandson Zachary was much too short - but we kept him plenty busy! Over Easter weekend we took him for a surprise trip to Cedar Key...

and an airplane ride over the barrier islands! Zach sat up front with the pilot on the small 4 seater Cessna.

The views were magnificent!

I think Zach enjoyed the ride! Afterwards we went to Tony's for clam chowder and toured the Cedar Key Museum. I hated to put Zach back on the plane - but we needed to pack-up and get ready to head west and Zach needed to go back to school.

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