Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quilting up a storm!

I've been busy with my new machine.

This is the start of a new top I'm doing. It's a combination of star blocks and log cabin blocks. The log cabin blocks are fun - the star blocks are a bear.

Yesterday was the last of my long arm classes. Initially, I did not think I was going to like it - but yesterday I got to spend over an hour working on a small quilt I put together just to practice on - and it was really fun!

The machine was an APQS Millennium with stitch regulator - which keeps the stitches the same size as you move along, speeding up when you go faster and slowing down when you do. I hated it. In talking to my sister, she said she did not like the stitch regulator either - so I turned it OFF and found the machine MUCH easier to use. Once I relaxed my shoulders, and moved at a consistent speed, I found it was actually fun! I did a simple meander and almost finished the center during class. I'm going to try some patterns along the border - but may not get to it right away because... Today, my daughter and newest grandson arrive for a week and I can't wait!!

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