Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sandsculpting Championship

Fort Myers Beach is host to the 25th Anniversary World Sand Sculpting Championship. We arrived early - before they were officially open - and watched while they got the sculptures ready for the day.

Another use for Aqua Net Hair Spray! The sand is mixed with water and glue to make the sculptures and each day they are sprayed with Aqua Net Hair Spray to keep them together.

The area around the displays are carefully raked.

This was one of my favorites - and looks even better in person.

Crazy faces! The detail is amazing. I'm glad we arrived extra early as the weather on the beach warmed up quickly and there were a lot more people than in past years.

The roads are congested and forget the stores! Everyone is saying that "season" arrived 6 weeks early this year. We are here through next week opening the condo and getting it ready to rent. I can't believe I actually have Internet - I expected to have to go to McDonalds or the local library.

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