Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Bird

We have a nice Live Oak tree with two bird feeders in our front yard that attracts a variety of birds including Blue Jays, Cardinals, Finches and Titmice. Today we spotted a new bird - a Brown Thrasher.

Look how long his tail is! His wings are a rich red-brown with two black & white wing bars.

His chest is speckled and his bill curves gently downward. This is the first Brown Thrasher we've seen here in the yard - so we were quite excited. (It's a yucky rainy day here in Central Florida so we are easily amused.)

Spring is definitely in the air. The Goldfinches are back but don't have their bright yellow color yet. This Mockingbird was singing his little heart out and we're starting to see more vivid colors on the Bluebirds and House Finches.

Momma Dove was showing her baby the sights from the roof of our neighbors house.

And this adorable baby Sherman Fox Squirrel was using his tail as an umbrella to keep the rain off his head as he searched for sun flower seeds under the backyard feeders. Bill took this shot from the lanai - through the screens, which is why it is so blurry.

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