Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just another day at OTOW

We have two bird feeders hanging in the Oak Tree in front of our house and several more in back of the house so we have lots of visitors. This is a Loggerhead Shrike. They are fairly common here in Ocala, but, until this year, not common at our feeders.

I don't think he comes to eat - he just perches on top waiting for a tasty grasshopper.

Bill took this picture of an American Kestrel that was sitting on top of a pine tree in back of our house.

He was quite a distance away, but easily identifiable as a beautiful adult male.

Speaking of adult males, many of them who live here at OTOW spend a lot of their time at the RC flying field. Bill is numbered among them.

This is one of his new planes and he actually invited me to come along one evening to watch him fly - as long as I brought my camera.

I tried to stay focused on the planes - but it was difficult with all the little birds playing in the grass. This is our most common Fall warbler - a Yellow-rumped (probably a first-year male).

Bill and Bud deep in aeronautical discussions. 

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