Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Nature Coast

I love visiting the fishing villages on the Gulf of Mexico. We decided to try and find the closest Gulf Beach to Ocala. This is Fort Island Gulf Beach in Chrystal River in Citrus County.

This picture was taken from the fishing pier.

I don't know what they were fishing for - but they sure were working hard at it!

I spotted this Zebra Butterfly as I walked along the wooden boardwalk towards the beach area. There were dozens of them enjoying the beautiful wild flowers.

...and this is the small, but clean beach. There is adequate parking, clean rest rooms and picnic tables. It's just a short nature walk to the pier. The birds are Black Skimmers.

It's Dragonfly Season in Florida! There are thousands of them flying everywhere - often in pairs. This red beauty is a Carolina Saddlebags Skimmer. Judging from my pictures, this one is the most common.

I believe this is a female Roseate Skimmer. The males have more color.

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