Thursday, November 7, 2013

There is a lot happening in our backyard!

Early this morning I looked out the back window and saw two coyotes walking quite near the house. Naturally, I ran for my camera!

They did not seem one bit fazed by my presence and just slowly walked over to the woods and disappeared.

Both animals looked to be healthy with a full, glossy coat of fur.

One last look back at the maintenance crew that stopped to watch.

Our friendly Fox Squirrel has been by almost everyday.

He very carefully checks the yard before crossing to the feeders. Since the Bobcat has been around - we haven't seen a grey squirrel.

Today our contractor added the birdcage over our patio and outdoor kitchen.

The birdcage connects to the new Florida room. Next week, the windows and doors will be installed.

This is the One-block Wonder I just completed. I just love this technique!

This is the back of the quilt showing the original fabric.

Once the new room is complete, I hope to move my sewing so everything will be in one room - but I heard Bill and the builder talking about support beams to hang airplanes. We might have to talk...


Ministry Mom said...

Gail, you are so good at the One-Block-Wonder technique. This is a dramatic quilt! I love how you used the complementary colors of blue and orange. Thanks for posting. Your new Florida room and bird cage are coming together nicely. Eager to see the completed addition.

Temps dip into the 20's tonight here in PA. Enjoy the FL sunshine. - Sally

Gail Baker said...

Thanks Sally! I especially appreciate the comments coming from you! We LOVE the sunshine - come on down!