Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Foggy Morning Birds and Beasts

We know we have Armadillos because they poke their pointy noses into the ground looking for grubs, but we rarely see them. It was early on a foggy morning and I was sitting at my sewing machine when his movement caught my eye.

When I got up to investigate (and grab my camera) I also spotted our very regular visitor, Mr. Coyote, heading back home. ...until he spotted the Armadillo! The coyote stopped dead in his tracks and watched the armadillo for a long time - decided he would not be a good meal - and turned and left just as the armadillo disappeared into the woods.

Another furry visitor! Too bad the coyote didn't see him! We have very few grey squirrels at the back feeders as it is too open but this one was brave.

Out in front, I noticed a new bird for the year - a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. You can't see the ruby spot on his head, but I'm sure it's there.

Looking out back again, a Yellow-rumped Warbler had scared the squirrel away.

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