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Hoffman Skylines Round Quilt Pattern

Hoffman Skylines Round Quilt
Abigail (Gail) Baker

Fabric:  6 yards of Hoffman Skylines Digital Print fabric. This quilt requires 6 repeats but the focal point is fussy-cut, thus the extra fabric. The repeat on the multi-color version is 28 ½ inches; the charcoal is 29 ½ inches. 

The fabric does the work to make this round quilt special. These instructions have been written especially for Hoffman Skylines Digital Print fabric.

All seams are scant ¼-inch and are pressed open.

The goal is to create a 50-inch wide circle by sewing together 6 identical sets of 4 triangles each. The finished circle will have a small round opening in the center which is covered with an easy applique.

Begin by sectioning the 6-yards into three pieces, each the full length of the fabric:

1.      At the top selvage, measure and cut off a 5-inch wide strip the full length (6 yards) of fabric and set aside. (This can be used later for the binding, sub-cutting a strip either 2 ¼ or 2 ½-inches wide.) 

2.     Measure and cut a 23-inch by 6-yard center section which will be used for the main part of the quilt.

3.     This should leave 16-inch by 6-yard strip at bottom of the design. From this bottom piece, cut one (1) 4-inch circle and four (4) 2 ½-inch squares for the easy applique and set aside the remainder for a different project.

Lay out the center section and look at the repeat of the design. Pick the tallest building as a focal point. Fussy cut a 7-inch wide strip perfectly centering your focal point.

Cut 3 more 7-inch by 23-inch strips. The repeat of the fabric is 28 ½ inches (29 ½ on the charcoal) so there is just ½ inch extra. It is important to carefully cut each section.

Repeat the last step until you have 6 identical sets of 4 strips each for a total of 24 strips.

(To make the fabric easier to handle, you can first pre-cut the center section into 6 sections with identical designs but make sure each section begins 3 ½ inches from the center point of the tallest building, your focal point. It is very important to look at the design of the fabric so each of the six sets has identical strips.)

Cut each of the 24 strips into triangles with a 15 degree (Creative Grids) triangle ruler. The wide part of the triangle will be towards the top of the design with the narrow part at the bottom. 

 (I found it easiest to turn the fabric upside-down and place the wide part of the ruler nearest to me.) The ruler is 24 ½ inches long and the strip is 23 inches long. Place the widest part of the ruler even with the top of the design. The bottom of the fabric will be even with the 1 ½ inch line on the ruler. Make sure the ruler is centered on the fabric.

Sew each of 6 identical sets together and in the same order.

Press seams open.

Sew 3 sets together.


Sew the two halves together leaving a small round opening in the center.

Easy Applique:
1.      Cut a small 2-inch tall “X” on the 4-inch circle.
2.     Sew the four 2 ½-inch squares together (turning the fabric design in different directions) to make a 4-patch and cut into a 4-inch circle.

3.     Sew the two circles together – right sides together. Using the “X” opening, turn the circle right sides out. No raw edges! Pin the circle (“X” down) on the right side of the quilt circle and machine sew around with applique stitch.

Sandwich, quilt and bind

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