Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farewell to Colorado Springs

We have such wonderful friends and family here in Colorado Springs that we ALMOST hate to leave. On Friday night our very good friends, Joe and Nancy had us over for a farewell dinner. Lucy, Mike and Sal - our Einsteins coffee buddies - were there too.

Nancy cooked a most delicious lasagna and a dessert that wasn't a dessert - but better! She made homemade zucchini bread and served it with a sweet & delicious orange sauce with homemade whipped cream. Yum!!! We could barely move from the table to the living room.

Lucy put together a goodie bag for our long car ride - filled with nuts, chips, candy and other snacks. Sal made a punchbowl of red wine sangria with fresh peaches. It was a wonderful evening with great friends. Thanks guys!

Saturday afternoon we went to grandson Nate's football game at Hanover High School. They didn't win the game but they played great. After the game we headed to Midway for another get-together with daughters Laura and Terri and their families. Tim out-did himself cooking shrimp scampi, rib roast, smashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Here's Tim with unexpected company on the patio - a Taranchula spider! I had never seen one here in Colorado so this was a real treat. After we checked him out - and took lots of pictures, we put him in a nearby tree.

He scampered up the tree and we found another Taranchula in the flower garden. They were both small - but very friendly.

This is Zina, the Warrior Princess - Laura's new kitten. She wanted to come outside and join the fun. Laura hopes she will grow-up to be a good mouser - but right now she is way too small.

Just as Tim was getting ready to cut the chocolate cake for dessert, our grandson Quinton told his dad that it smelled funny. Tim said it was fine but Quinton insisted it had a strange odor. Tim leaned closer to the gooey dark chocolate frosting to smell for himself - and Quinton pushed his head into the cake. Tim emerged with a chocolate nose. It was a riot! They have the best family dynamics - it's great fun to watch. The evening was a real treat.

Today, Bill's mom, sister Terry, brother-in-law Ray, and niece Rhonda came for lunch. Ray has started making the most beautiful jewelry and he brought some to show me.

This gorgeous piece has pearls set into a piece of abalone shell. I'm trying to convince him they are beautiful pieces of art and will sell like hot cakes.

Tomorrow morning we will finish packing and start out on our 3000 plus mile journey. Our first stop is in Miami, Oklahoma then on to Shell Knob, Kansas City, Gilbertsville, Birdsboro, New York City, Silver Spring, Ocala and Fort Myers. I'm looking forward to visits with friends, children and grandchildren.

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