Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just One More

I can't help myself! The Hummingbirds are so cute and so photogenic that I had to post just one more picture.

Most of the hummingbirds have already headed south - "riding on the backs of the blackbirds." The first time I heard that, I just thought the old lady was senile and laughed it off. Then, one day I mentioned it to Bill's Mom and she also insisted that, yes, the hummingbirds head south, riding on the backs of the blackbirds. Both women once lived in Arizona so I can only assume it is an Indian legend. Please let me know if you know the origin.

Well, I'm not-very-patiently waiting for the blackbirds to come and get me and fly me south too. But there's still a lot to do - winterize the pond and yard, lock down the Colorado house, pack the car, forward the mail, etc. We did a dry-run, packing the car to make sure Bill has enough room for his beloved planes. I'm lucky that we do because, if not, he'd probably make me leave my clothes at home.

Our plan is to head out on Monday in our blue Toyota Camry Hybrid - loaded to the gills - and drive to Missouri to spend a few days with our friends, Mike and Mel. On Saturday, we're having brunch with a high-school friend that I haven't seen in almost 40 years. Then is on to the East Coast to visit with children and grandchildren before turning right and heading down the coast to Florida and our winter home in Fort Myers.

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