Saturday, April 17, 2010

Four Years and Counting

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. It's been 4 years since Bill and I slipped away to Las Vegas and had "Marrying Marion," the notary at the courthouse, say the words that made us man and wife. (I made her leave out the part about "obeying") It's been - and continues to be - a great adventure. I am so lucky.

We did a little more exploring this week and found a nice hiking trail just a few miles from OTOW at the Ross Prairie State Forest. The main hiking trail is a loop deep into the woods and around a large dried-up lake bed. Other equestrian trails go even deeper into the forest - but they are all sand which makes walking difficult.

We heard this Great-crested Flycatcher long before we saw him. We hunted in the trees for about 20 minutes before spotting him. We also saw a pair of Carolina Chickadees, lots of Cardinals, some tiny birds that we have not yet identified (or photographed) and a Scrub Jay. Good hike.

These are Cattle Egret and it's obvious how they got their name. They hang around cattle and eat the bugs that the cows attract. Look closely and you can see this time of year, the birds have pink on their heads and body. Love is in the air!

Our next store neighbors, Richard and Olivia, came over for wine and cheese the other evening. We had a good time visiting and getting to know them better. Like us, they are snowbirds and will head back to their summer home in Canada this coming weekend - the same time we leave.

As you can see, they are a spirited couple - which we found to be even truer the next night when we attended the OTOW Happy Hour. Olivia likes to dance and Richard couldn't get her off the dance floor. Hard to believe she is in her 70's isn't it? Bill and I danced our share - and will take some classes in the Fall so we can dance even more. Line dancing seems to be very popular at the regular Friday and Saturday night get-togethers.

Last evening we had more neighbors over for wine and munchies - Anne and Sal from across the street. Bill and Marilyn popped in later and we had such a good time talking and laughing that I forgot to take pictures.

This community is very active - and social and we are loving it! But it's time to turn our thoughts - and car - back to Colorado. I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends - Nancy & Joe at Einsteins and the girls at Bunko. Our yard, ponds and gardens are calling us so this weekend we will close up our little Ocala home and head west to the Rocky Mountains.

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