Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Geocaching at Ross Prairie State Forest

Bill and I have done very little geocaching this season so after Bill returned from flying at the OTOW RC field (and to celebrate our anniversary) we decided to go back to Ross Prairie State Forest to find the two caches hidden there.

The well-marked hiking trails wind through some beautiful woods.

I guess this is a type of moss growing under the oak leaves.

The first cache was hidden in a PVC pipe and was hanging on a tree. This second cache was named "On Top of the H" and when I saw this tree, I understood the name. You can see the cache (a Tupperware box) sitting on the limb under some pieces of bark. I can't figure out how this tree grew - is it a conjoined twin?

After locating both caches, we hiked on to the open marsh land, around the loop and back via one of the many spurs off the main trail. We saw lots of birds in the trees, several lizards scooting across the fallen leaves, a bunny hiding from the hawks and a couple of squirrels - or as Bill calls them "Sport Model Rats" looking for nuts. It was a great walk but it was hot by the time we got back home and decided a visit to the pool was in order.

There are three pools here at OTOW - two outdoor and one indoor. The big (huge!) pool at the Health and Recreation Center is open to guests, including children. The other two pools and the hot tub are at the Arbor Club and are for adults only. After hiking, the hot tub sounded good so we were off to the Arbor Club.

As you can see, we are finding our way around and enjoying the amenities here at OTOW.

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