Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Sewing Table

The OTOW RC flying field was closed all last week for road repairs - so Bill built me a new sewing table! Thank you repair crew! (and Bill too!)

We are certainly glad to have an oversized garage - lots of room for projects. The design began with several trips to Lowes to get the right wood.

Designing the table was a feat. Several more trips to Lowes and he finally had the right hardware - just not enough - so back he went.

Thank goodness for Harbor Freight and the wonderfully equipped wood shop here at OTOW - not to mention the tools Bill borrowed from friends Carl and Bob.

I think Bill was off once again to Lowes when I took this picture It's starting to look good with a fresh coat of white paint. We got the 8-foot pre-made Formica counter top from Home Depot. I wanted a slot for rulers and mats and shelves for everything else. Bill put on wheels so I can easily move it out to clean (??).

It fits perfectly along one wall in the bedroom - under the window so I can look out at the birds. It's big enough that it can double as a cutting table but I've discovered the pub-height kitchen table is easier on my back.

I'm a happy camper!!

And so is Bill - they opened the flying field this morning!

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Elizabeth said...

What a nice, nice hubby!! I agree cutting is a lot easier on a higher surface. Make sure that you have your arms level with your sewing machine when you ar sewing for any great period of time. Sit on a pillow if you have to. Otherwise you will eventually have shoulder problems. Ask me how I know!!