Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Quilt

This is one of the projects I have going. Yes, one. I have another quilt top that is almost finished - I just need to add the boarders (but it hasn't told me yet what it wants) and still another that is finished, just waiting for the backing and quilting.

This is a stack and wack variation. It's similar to a one-block wonder, except there are two different blocks - one with diamonds that make the star and the other with triangles. Both are cut from the same material. This is not the final arrangement - I just laid what I had completed out on the bed to see where I am. I have enough fabric to add two more rows and make it queen-sized, but I don't know whether or not I'll do that.

I'm heading to Maryland tomorrow to surprise my grandson on his birthday. Gabriel is turning seven and mommy is away on a business trip so I decided grandma needed to be there for his big day. He was just elected class president (I'm SO-O-O proud of him!!) and I found a book about his idle - President Obama. Gabriel doesn't have any strong political feelings about Obama - he just likes that he has big ears - like he does!

Bill and I spotted this big guy out back of our lanai last night while we were eating dinner. It was just starting to get dark, so I had to lightened the picture to identify him. I'm pretty sure it's a Red-tailed Hawk - very common around here.

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