Sunday, December 11, 2011

Naples Botanical Garden

On a recent trip to Fort Myers, we took a day to head further south with friends Bob & Peggy to visit the Naples Botanical Garden.

According to their literature, In 1993, eight Naples residents founded the Garden with the dream of creating a world-class botanical garden. In 2000 they purchased a 170-acre site with seven different habitats just south of Old Naples. Today, what was acre after acre of melaleuca, Brazilian pepper and other invasive species is now beautiful gardens, lakes and restored natural areas.

Near the front entrance is this pineapple - the symbol of welcome. I had never seen a pineapple plant so I found this really neat.

This place is fabulous - one beautiful vista after another.

Look at the blooms on these pond lilies!

We weren't the only creatures that appreciated the beautiful flowers.

Look at the way the sunlight dances on the bloom creating some magnificent colors!

They have a very nice butterfly garden. Unfortunately, we only saw a couple of butterflies. This one was small but extraordinary.

This is a Eucalyptus Rainbow Tree - nicknamed the most colorful tree on Earth. The reason for the name is obvious. It was really cool!

Peggy, a Master Gardener, stopped often to read the signage.

Geckos swell their throats to intimidate visitors or attract a mate. I wonder which one he was doing?

I think all our walking wore the guys out!

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