Sunday, January 8, 2012

Third Time's the Charm - I Hope!

I refuse to let this pattern get the best of me! I've done two quilt tops using this Whack-N-Stack star and I dislike them both. The first one (see "another Opportunity for Creativity" Nov. 17 entry) had fabric and color choice issues - so I made a second top using beautiful shades of green (frogs!) and blue - with orange accent - that went together beautifully. Then I tried to machine quilt it myself. What a disaster! I apparently had issues with the sandwiching part as I have puckers on both the back and the front. The stars just didn't want to lay flat for me. In my eyes, it's ruined, but I'll finish it anyway as it's nice and warm.

Refusing to be defeated, I'm trying it again. This time, I have a proper template for the diamonds and I've changed the foot on my machine for the piecing. I was using a 1/4 inch walking foot instead of the regular 1/4 inch foot. Both of these changes seem to be working as my blocks are coming together MUCH better.

In these two images, I'm "auditioning" fabric for the triangles. I've stolen the term "auditioning" from my older and much wiser sister who is currently working on a much more complex version of this pattern - and doing it beautifully. (see I will never be in her league - but that's okay. I'm having fun and learning lots.

Both of these fabrics had issues when I put them together with the diamonds as they were too similar and did not highlight the stars enough. I found a beautiful teal batik that looked great - but I only had a yard - so off I went in search of more. The original yard was purchased in Denver and I didn't expect to find more - but at the third shop, I did!

This is as far as I've gotten. I don't know yet whether or not I'll include the blue and/or purple blocks - they are being "auditioned" on my design wall. I'm making this one like a One Block Wonder and leaving off the outer circle. If this turns out - maybe I'll move on to one of the more advanced blocks.

My dear, sweet, wonderful, husband drove me to the three shops yesterday as I've been under the weather and we heard on the news that you shouldn't drive when you have a cold. On the way back, we spotted a group of Sandhill Cranes. Then I saw a larger white bird with the Sandhills. I couldn't believe my eyes - it was a Whooping Crane! Naturally, I didn't have my camera - but we are heading back to where we saw them later today and maybe, just maybe, they will still be there.

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