Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great Excuses for a Hike!

We spent the morning hiking in Palmer Park - looking for geocaches and birds. We found both!

Bill took this picture at the first geocache we found. He wanted to take another picture of my back side as I bent over to pick it up - but I wouldn't let him.

The view from this site - on top of the bluffs, north and east of the dog park - was beautiful. In this picture, I have the container - which was beside a tree under a pile of rocks - in my hand.

We signed the log book, took a clip and left an Original Hobo Nickel Token designed by Ron Landis before we headed further north and west to find our 2nd cache of the day.

Bill re-set the GOTO on the GPS to give us the direction to the 2nd cache. I had already entered the coordinates.

This is a Western Wood-Pewee that was singing in a meadow that we crossed.

This is the site of our 2nd find. It was just off a popular hiking and biking trail - but we got there the hard way.

The actual cache was in a 35 mm film container - hidden in a hollowed out branch beside a rock. According to our GPS, it was 35 feet from the coordinates we had - but all GPS units are just a little different and the variances can be that much - which means we had to hunt around for about 15 minutes before we found it. We signed the log - the only thing inside the cache. It was too small for trinkets.

This is a Broad-tailed Humming-bird, very common here in Colorado. When they fly, their wings whistle and buzz.

The third geocache we found was "Camo-Cache #1" - hidden by the same person who hid the "Camo-Cache #2" that we found yesterday. We did not take anything but left two OHNS tokens.

The cache is in this picture. Can you find it?

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