Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Geocaching in Palmer Park

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS device can then try to locate the geocache.

Bill and I headed to Palmer Park with our new GPS. We entered the coordinates for the "Hoffmann Boys First Hide" and started hiking. We found the location - but could not find where the cache was hidden. We returned again later in the day - but still no luck.

I emailed the "Hoffmann Boys" and asked for more clues. They kindly responded with precise instructions - so we tried again - and this time we were successful!

This is our first find - a treasure trove of trinkets, toys, key chains, coins, beads and other miscell-aneous small stuff hidden under some rocks at the base of a tree on top of a canyon in Palmer Park.

We took a key chain and left a silver ANA Summer Seminar token. I had to replace the box in exactly the same place as we found it. This is a terrible picture of my big butt - but it helps to tell the story.

Finding the "Hoffmann Boys" cache gave us the confidence to try for another - "Camo-Cache #2." On the GPS it looked to be just a short hike from our first find - but it was down the side of a steep canyon. Bill found it first then re-hid it so I could locate it with the GPS. We had a great time hiking, rock climbing, bird watching and geocaching for about 3 hours!

On our first trip to the park, we saw this beautiful Red-tailed Hawk in a nearby tree.

Several sparrows were trying to scare him off. He must have been too close to their nest.

The cactus are still blooming - and I can not get over how beautiful they are this year!

This thistle was about six feet tall so I had to shoot this picture from under instead of from above.

Back at the house, this Northern Flicker was checking under the bird feeders to see if I had dropped any peanut butter. I had - and he found it!

The pond lily is especially beautiful this year. So far, the raccoons have not knocked it over.

Last week I was in Maryland for the 1st birthday party of my youngest grandson - Sebastian (or Sebanstian as his cake mistakenly said). My youngest daughter, Pamela had all the in-laws and out-laws at her house for a wonderful party with delicious Cuban and Italian food. Big-brother, Gabriel and cousin Zachary were helping with the mound of presents.

Orlando and Pamela - proud parents of Gabriel and Sebastian. They have a beautiful home and were wonderful hosts. I'm very lucky!

Three of my four children - Pamela, John and Laura. I wish my oldest son Rick, his wife Lisa and son Dylan could have been there - but it was the same day as Lisa's 20th high school reunion.

Laura with Aunt Caroline. I had not seen Caroline in years, so it was really nice to visit with her and catch up on her life - children and grandchildren.

John and Pamela. John is my youngest and Pamela is just 13 months older. Don't they look alike?

Pamela and the birthday boy - Sebastian. He was just getting over Roseola so his face still had red splotches.

Sebastian on his actual birthday.

The almost newlyweds - Cheryl and Laura - looking oh-so-cute together.

My wonderful hubby, beautiful children and grand-children are my real treasures!

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