Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Adorable Babies

Just look at these adorable fluffy balls of feathers! The baby House Finches have left the nest and they seem to like sitting on the ledge just outside our bedroom window.

Here is another youngster - a little older - but still dependant on mom for some of her food.

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb was this weekend. Before the race, they had a promotional event downtown. As we were heading up the street, we looked back to see this biker doing high jumps. It was quite a show.

The Budweiser team was there. The Clydesdale horses are huge! We watched as they hitched them to the wagon.

Even the dog was there.

On Monday, we took two of our grandsons hiking in Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. We stopped at newspaper rock to pick up a geocache and have a picnic lunch. The name comes from all the carvings in the rock - some going back to the mid-nineteenth century (or so they would lead you to believe).

This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was flying back and forth. The white eye ring makes her eye look bigger than it really is. These are very small birds - only about 4 inches long. The males have a small, hard-to-see red spot on top of their heads, thus the name.

We also saw this deer followed by her fawn heading down the hill.

This is grandson Nate sitting on top of the bluffs in Palmer Park. We had to go over to the park to pick up a cache that we had hidden. It was not approved because Colorado Springs has rules about not placing caches on park property. We placed another on city property that was OK because it was just outside the actual park boundaries.

The cache name is Numis-Cash and has an assortment of cool numismatic collectibles - like buffalo nickels, wheat cents, Kennedy half-dollars, tokens, elongated coins, etc. So far half a dozen people have found it and have written nice notes in the electronic log at http://www.geocaching.com/.

Our roses are still beautiful - but some of the other flowers are starting to show age. It must be time to start thinking about heading back to Florida.

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