Friday, March 2, 2012

Bargello Quilt

Bill wants me to make him a quilt - but not just any quilt. He wants one that measures 33 inches by 75 inches so it will cover him when he is stretched out in his recliner - and he wants it long enough to fold under his feet. I showed him several of my quilt books and the pattern he choose is a Bargello. I've never done a Bargello - so I decided I'd better learn.

This is my first attempt - and Bill actually likes it! This piece is placemat size - but the way the design goes, several can be joined together to make a small lap quilt. I'm halfway through my second square and already the process is making more sense. Bill has already chosen the fabric for his quilt - but I need more practice before it hits the cutting table.

This is the beginning of a comfort quilt I'm making for quilt club. I don't care for the pattern (Half-square Triangle Beauty) or the fabric so I'm having trouble getting it finished. I need to make 20 squares and I'm only half way there. Each of the 9 small squares in the 9 patch have to be cut-down and squared before they are joined so I'm getting my exercise going back and forth from sewing machine to cutting table.

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Ministry Mom said...

My guess is that I'll be learning Bargello in about 6 months! I'm eager to see the fabric Bill chose.

My hubby thinks lap quilts are irrelevant because they never cover the feet or if they do, ones shoulders are cold! He'd agree with the dimensions of Bill's quilt!