Sunday, March 25, 2012

New One-Block Wonder

I just started a new quilt top - another One-Block Wonder. This one is quite different than ones I've done before - the design is much more subtle.

The hexagon blocks are added to the design wall as they are made. The yellow dots are the pins holding the two halves together. I already see changes that I want to make.

This is the original fabric - not one you would normally consider for a One-Block Wonder. I have the same fabric in a darker color and may incorporate darker blocks in the final top - we'll see.

Our days here in Ocala are numbered. In April, we're spending a couple of weeks in Fort Myers and my sister, Beth, is joining us for seven wonderful adventure-filled days! I miss the birding further south (and my sister) - so this will be a real treat. My goal is to find and photograph a Mangrove Cuckoo. Check out the March 13 entry on STOKES BIRDING BLOG ( for a look at my prize.

At the end of April, we'll be heading north to Colorado Springs.

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