Friday, March 23, 2012

I Think He Likes It!!

Bill's quilt is finally finished. Notice the pocket at his feet - to keep them warm. I used the same fabric for both the borders and the backing and made the bottom border extra wide. After quilting, I folded the bottom up towards the back, basted and added the binding to cover the raw edges. I also made a matching head rest and I'm working on the arm covers.

If it looks like I posted this image upside-down, you are correct. Bill is holding it with the pocket at the top so it doesn't droop - but I wanted you to see the pattern the way it was made.

When my sister, Beth was here visiting, she showed me the proper way to layer and pin baste a quilt. I followed her instructions and quilted "in the ditch." I'm pleased with the results. Thanks Beth!

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