Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Memorable Trip to Fort Myers

 We had to return to our condo in Fort Myers to finalize some repairs. On the way we stopped at Babcock-Webb to do a little birding. The usual herons, egrets and ibises were there - but not yet in the numbers spring will bring.

I never tire of seeing and photographing the Great Blue Herons!

An Eastern Phoebe posing in the trees.

 Overhead, the White Ibis are heading south.

This little guy looked different to us - but we couldn't quite put our finger on why. It looked like a smaller version of our Northern Flicker. I believe it's a subspecies - a smaller variant of the Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker. Our Colorado Flickers are easily 12 inches long - this one was about 8 inches long.

After leaving Babcock-Webb, we headed to the condo. About 5 miles from home a truck pulled out right in front of us. There was no possible way to avoid a collision but Bill did his very best to lessen the impact. We credit his RC flying for the ability to react so quickly.

Yes, that's me still sitting in the car. My door was pinned shut by the truck. I had to climb over the center console and out the driver's side door. Fortunately, Bill and I along with the driver of the truck are all fine. Our seat belts and airbags saved us from serious injury. The car - not so much. The other driver immediately accepted responsibility for the accident so her insurance will pay the bills.

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