Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Design Wall

This is my new design wall! We got two pieces of 4' x 8' insulation at our local Lowe's store, taped them together and covered them with 3 yards of cheap (but wide) cotton batting from Jo-Anne's. Bill glued the batting onto the panels with his airplane glue and used two small pieces of Velcro to keep it secure to the wall. Our guests will have ever-changing art to enjoy during their visits. I'm thrilled! Thank you Bill!!

I just started a new project - another Stack and Whack. I think it's going to be pretty. There is a lot of gold in the main fabric so I choose an off-white with gold specks for the main background fabric. The dark green fabric also has gold flecks and it will be the accent.

A close up of the fabrics.

We are still dealing with insurance from our auto accident - but the aches and pains have finally diminished and we are moving on with life. We're still driving a rental car but are actively looking for another Toyota Camry Hybrid to buy. We wanted to buy a new one, but have decided a slightly used one (if we can find a nice one) will be in our best interests and not put us in debt.

We've joined a Bocce  league and play at least once a week. I've learned to play Mah Jongg and games seem to crop up somewhere in the complex all the time. Bill continues to build, fly, crash and rebuild his planes and the out-of-state guests start arriving mid-December. Life is good!

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