Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Owl

I got an email from a fellow OTOW resident that there was an immature Barred Owl just down the street from our community. Bill and I grabbed our binoculars and camera and off we went. 

Sure enough we spotted the owl exactly where the email indicated it would be.

We've been back a couple of times to see if the parents were around, but we haven't seen them.

He's awfully cute and responds when Bill does his owl call.

 Interesting profile.


After checking on the baby owl, we headed to Shalom Park to check on our nest of Blue Herons.

They don't look much like babies anymore - except for the fuzzy heads.

On the way back to OTOW we stopped to check and see if the Red-headed Woodpeckers were out. We saw several - at least six - flitting from snag to snag.

Looks like a young family to me.

We are getting reports that some of the colorful neo-tropical birds are returning to Florida - so we are keeping a sharp eye out for them. Wish us luck!

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